Telecommunications 2023: Prospects for consolidation

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The telecommunications sector is expected to be the fastest-growing industry in Africa over the next five years as Internet connectivity improves – a positive development since growth in telecommunications spurs growth in other sectors.

South Africa, therefore, must facilitate digital infrastructure development, and “stop writing policies and strategies for 2050” until it can execute on the strategies already in place for the period up to 2025, Inclusive Society Institute’s ‘Rejuvenating South Africa’s Economy – An ICT sector perspective’ report contends.

It must do this by driving an inclusive agenda, clarifying how the country will deliver affordable connectivity and devices, and how platforms for local content can be developed to stimulate demand.

Creamer Media’s ‘Telecommunications 2023: Prospects for consolidation’ report examines South Africa’s telecommunications sector in respect of its connectivity profile, the trends in the sector, the challenges it faces, policy and regulatory developments, as well as the companies that are driving the sector forward.

This report is a summary of information published in Engineering News and Mining Weekly, as well as of information available in the public domain over the past 12 months. The report does not purport to provide analysis of market trends.