Iron-Ore 2022: Mixed fortunes

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The re-emergence of Covid-19 curbs in China and a deepening crisis in its real estate sector have been among the factors hindering iron-ore demand growth in 2022.

However, Australian iron-ore producer Fortescue Metals contends that global market conditions remain supportive of iron-ore, as Chinese industrial activity is expected to increase in the coming months. Fortescue Metals also believes that such strong demand for iron-ore will benefit producers amid global supply constraints, owing to the prevailing conflict in Ukraine.

Creamer Media’s ‘Iron-Ore 2022: Mixed fortunes’ report considers the impact of conditions in China and the conflict in Ukraine on the global iron-ore sector, providing an overview of the sector, including efforts to decarbonise. This includes the major global and South African iron-ore producers’ response in the current environment.

This report is a summary of information published in Engineering News and Mining Weekly, as well as of information available in the public domain over the past 12 months. The report does not purport to provide analysis of market trends.

Published on: 06 December 2022.